It’s an invitations to play with our contradictions

Prospero is a thriving world

The abundance of the present in which the dual dissolves

A flowery concentration

Prospero is a way to have fun with your own armours…bark smoothed out and dense interior world

An initial tremor of the doors to try to contain the internal life of the wardrobe, to guard it, to protect it…but the course of events ensures that this world and its character cannot hide for long.Slowly the wardrobe comes to life and changes its appearance, literally closing out its inhabitant.

A lively game of doors, vegetation and lights will lead the character to manifest himself, revealing us in its most sincere and joyful nature, through an acrobatic game inside the closet, now stripped of the doors.

Prospero is an invitation to play and explore our own contradictions and ways of manifesting ourselves to the world.

Prospero that, of Shakespeare’s comedy, has only a little more shake and a pure desire of magic!

Type of show: Contemporary Circus
Duration: 25 minutes
Techniques: Aerial Acrobatic, Phisical Theater 
Pubblic: All pubblic
Regard Extérieur : Stefano Razzolini, Fabrizio Palazzo
Support in writing: Gabriel Beddoes
Scenography : Claudia Ossola
Text: No spoken text


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