Three shows with which i take part in street art, circus and theater festivals around Europe

A journey through the shows

Which language for contemporary circus?

During the years of circus practice and performance creation i went through several phases in which i embraced different styles, languages, ways of working and creating, fashions and visions of contemporary circus.

I went through phases in which the intuitive body was the engine of my creations, I went through the circus-theater phase in which I fought for the subtle and delicate balance between the two genres, where the two codes can meet. Currently i can still define myself on the move, I wonder about the potential of the contemporary circus, what it represents for me at this time and what language and codes to use in my creations from time to time.

These three shows represent some moments of this journey, exciting and passionate for sure!


Prospero is a way to have fun with own armours.. bark smoothed out and dense interior world.


A special encounter will change their lives.

Aerial Performances

Aerial acrobatic performances thought as four poetic and evocative moments to enter the world where the emotions reign.