I propose aerial acrobatic, aerial creativity and hand to hand workshops.

Technique and creativity in synergy

I’m available for workshops of aerial creativity, aerial technique (static trapeze, aerial rope, aerial silks and aerial ring) and hand to hand.

There are different possible modalities:intensive, semi-intensive weekend, or work in progress (a series of appointments during the year).

The contents and modalities of the workshops will be studied according to the needs of the space, school or academy interested.

Aerial creativity – Beyond the image

A workshops to nourish the dialogue that each acrobat has with aerial instruments


Aerial creativity – Diversify

A workshops to nurture new input in aerial acrobatics in training, research methodology and in the ability to bring contents on stage.

Aerial technique

static trapeze, aerial silks, aerial rope, aerial ring

Hand to hand and acro-portes

from the technique on the floor (hand-feet) to standing elements (staff, hand to hand, hand-feet)