From the technique on the floor (hand-feet, hand to hand) to standing up (hand to hand, hand-feet, staff)

Work in pair

Hold by Cie FourHands Circus

It’s technical workshop aimed at those who want to learn or deepen the technique of hand to hand and acro-portes.
The workshop will be structured with moments of work in pairs, group and with specific work both for flyers and bases.
The program will be accorded to the needs of the space, school or academy.

FourHands Circus can lead the group through the technique on the floor (hand-feet, hand to hand), standing up (hand to hand, staff, hand-feet) and help in the creative moment of construct a number, a show or a performance.



three different kind of workshops : aerial technique, aerial creativity and hand to hand 


three shows with which i take part in street art, circus and theater festivals around Europe


contacts me to ask informations about shows, workshops and collaborations