To extend, renew and diversify technical vocabulary with the aerial instrument.

A step for a research methodology

Diversify it’s an aerial creativity workshop that aims to expand and renew technical vocabulary with own aerial instrument and to customize it.

It’s a step for a personal aerial research methodology and touches on the questions of what are the principles that define aerial acrobatics, in the contemporary circus.

Both workshops are designed as useful to nurture new input in aerial acrobatics in training, research and in the ability to bring contents on stage

The workshop (as the other one too) wants to give back a certain degree of freedom and variety to aerial acrobatics.It’s inspired by the need to diversify more the technique, the contents, the qualities that aerial acrobatics generates in relation to the contemporary dramaturgy for a contemporary circus.

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three different kind of workshops: aerial technique, aerial creativity and hand to hand 


three shows with which i take part in street art festivals, circus and theater festivals around Europe


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